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About the Hudson Lyric Opera (HLO)
The Hudson Lyric Opera (HLO)  (official name: Hudson Lyric Opera Society (HLOS)) is a nonprofit 501(c) organization dedicated to providing cultural opportunities for talented singers and musicians, in Rockland County of the Hudson Valley region (of New York State, USA) that have been classically or formally trained, and who otherwise would not be able to devote their time in pursuing their musical aspirations in a full time or professional environment.
The HLO intends to focus attention on providing the community with opera, operetta, and musical shows.
About Our Performance Space
The primary home for performances of the HLO is at Trinity United Methodist Church, at 47 East Main Street, Stony Point, NY 10980-1642 which is in Rockland County, New York State. Down two flights of stairs is a proscenium stage, where productions are put on, with costumes, lights, sets, and an orchestra.  Refreshments are often on sale at intermissions.  Bathrooms are available.
About Our Logo
The Hudson Lyric Opera logo is of a typical cargo schooner that regularly worked on the Hudson River during the Age of Sail. In the logo image, you can see the two large masts of a schooner. Although sloops are sometimes faster, schooners allow for smaller crews due to the smaller mainsail. Schooners and sloops are discussed in "Sloops of the Hudson" by William Verplanck (1908) (a public-domain book, found in Google books and at this site: Hudson River Maritime Museum).

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